Tackling the SAT Writing: Analyzing Language

When you read an article, listen to a speech, glance at an advertisement, or consume any form of media, you may not consciously notice how the language therein affects your processing of the information. Luckily, the New SAT Writing section makes you analyze how someone else creates an argument. Though it may not seem fun now, learning little tricks that people use in written or oral text will prevent you from being a slave to unconsciously agreeing too easily with their points of view.

Introduction to the New SAT Writing Section

A Basic Introduction • Although this essay is optional, many schools still require it. So, don’t be lazy! There is no reason to close your windows of opportunity in life […]

Tackling the SAT Critical Reading: Tone Words

In short or long reading passages, questions will often ask for the author’s tone or for his perspective on the subject at hand. Knowing the major categories for tone as […]

Tackling the SAT Critical Reading: New Words

Tackling the SAT Critical Reading: New Words

While process of elimination is the go-to if you can eliminate at least one answer choice, what do you do when you cannot for the life of you define any of the vocabulary words in your answer choices?

Addressing the following can shed some light on your darkness:

Tackling the SAT: Sentence Completion

As you hopefully know by now, the Critical Reading section of the SAT consists of Sentence Completion and Reading Comprehension. Sentence Completion questions are arranged in groups of five, six, […]