Andrea Schiralli

Founder, College Nation

Andrea holds a Bachelor's in Literature from Cornell and a Master in Education from Harvard focusing on Learning & Teaching Methods. At Cornell, she taught SAT courses to students in the local Ithaca community and tutored her classmates in the Romance languages. Andrea went on to teach high school English, ESL, and SAT courses at private and charter schools in New York City. In pursuit of new experiences, she moved to Jiangxi, China, where she taught English Literature at a small college.

Since 2014, Andrea has been working as an education consultant, coaching approximately 100 students per year on their college application essays. Andrea’s educational goal is for students to come to love the English language through reading classic texts of literature and poetry, learning how to manipulate language to create compelling arguments, and being able to express themselves through creative writing. She believes that education is the best gift one can equip oneself with to face this unpredictable existence. 

Nancy Xie

Founder, College Nation

A native of Guangzhou, Nancy grew up in San Francisco and studied International Relations at Harvard for her Bachelor's. In 2011 Nancy worked for the U.S. Department of State in the Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the General Consulate in China, where she focused on strengthening educational outreach to Chinese students interested in studying abroad. Back at Harvard, Nancy founded a "college finder" app to help Chinese applicants learn about US colleges and the admissions process. 
Nancy is a frequent guest speaker in Chinese high schools, where she demystifies the college admissions process to prospective applicants and parents. In her spare time, Nancy can be found running long-distance, taking artsy photos of old city streets, and writing satirical columns for the New Express Daily (新快报).



Marisa De Marco

Partner, College Nation

Marisa received a well-rounded academic and artistic education at the Fashion Institute of Technology, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (2005). She then obtained her Master of Arts degree in Art & Art Education at Teachers College, Columbia University (2007) and conducted extensive research in the field of
adolescent development. She holds her professional New York State teaching certification in Visual Arts (Kindergarten through grade 12). Marisa has devoted her career to educating students from all walks of life and guiding them to reach their highest potential.

Alessandra Massameno

Hometown: Connecticut
Education: Harvard University, BA, English Literature
Focus: Creative Writing, Academic Writing
Fun Fact: An aesthete, Alessandra writes for art and fashion magazines.

Sophia Schiralli

Hometown: New York, NY
Education: University of Michigan, BA, English Literature/Creative Writing; University of Southern California, MA, Education
Focus: Creative Writing

Fun Fact: Before teaching high school, Sophia studied Farsi at the US Army's National Defense Institute.

Tasha Chemel

Hometown: Newton, Massachusetts
Education: Brown University, BA, Psychology; Boston College, MA, Social Work; Harvard Graduate School of Education, Ed.M., Arts in Education
Focus: Creative Writing, Academic Writing, Psychology
Fun Fact: Tasha loves pottery and yoga.